Madison Bezich and the Down Right Perfect Ones

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MaddyThis is Matty Bezich.. In my eyes and Gods eyes she is Perfect. Every human being has challenges. Challenges give us strength. Matty was a steal magnolia, weak in speech and physical strength and a spirit as strong as kryptonite.

By definition Perfect is defined as faultless, without blemish, and pure in every way.  Expecting Matty was as shocking as her death. Both were not planned. Matty had a short time on earth, and lived it too the fullest in every sense of the word. Matty was A force to be wrekoned with.

For 4 years 28 days, 7 hours and 57 minutes, every second of her life was a blessing bestowed on me like no others. Her challenges gave me a strength unlike my other three children.Madison's  brothers Michael was 13 when we lost Madison Wilson was 7, and Alex was 21. Now Mike is 19, Wilson is 13, and Alex is 26. I am 50. We carry a piece of Mattys spiritual goodness that is forever lasting. Tomarrow is not promised. One day at a time, and always consider your options, because there truly always always is a way to work something out.

Matty died in a terrible accident. She had no heath issues whatsoever besides allergies. Just remember. One day at a time, Tomorrow is not promised, and No regrets.