Madison Bezich and the Down Right Perfect Ones

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About Maddy

Matty's prescience was undeniable. Even though Matty had above average receptive skills, her expressive language was that of about a nine month old and she was almost five. Matty''s eyes sparkled like emeralds, and with a typical Down syndrome feature called a Brushfield spot in her eyes, which makes a set of eyes truly look like they have stars in their eyes, Madison's eye's  spoke volumes. Madison loved horses, hoses, spagettio's, cucumbers, cupcakes, hot dogs, brussel sprouts, sparkly clothes, anything really furry and comfortable, her dolls, their strollers, high chairs, and fifty different doll baba's,. She loved music in general, but lady Gaga was her favorite. Parks, dogs, squirrels, popcorn, television, playing outside, the park, sprinklers, water, bubbles, and people.

She had an amazing dollhouse we donated to her speech therapists office after she died, and there is a special place for it there for other children to enjoy.. It has been a long unpredictable ride,. This road since the beginning has been unpredictable, epic, and a grief journey I wish on no one.  In Losing Matty I am forever changed. One little soul changed my family forever, In both happy and sad ways. Had I had a crystal ball, and known how her life would end, I still would have done this over again from every perspective. Madison taught me more in four short years than anyone anything, or any school books ever did.