Madison Bezich and the Down Right Perfect Ones

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I have never been conventional and I do not plan to start now. I have raised the kids to be their own people, not to get them to be what I want them to be. I lead them in the right path, with God, and teach them right from wrong, but I have always been free spirited and let my children be children. I can say with children ranging from 25,18, 12, and Matty would be eight today.

I was in the emergency room once. The day my daughter died. My kids have always called me safety freak. Three boys never had any broken bones, no stitches, and no nothing. Then what happened to Madison in an instant in such an insane way is unreal.

My Military son, Alex searched cars for bombs,slide on ice in a  hummer that rolled and rolled in the mountains of Afghanistan, been shot at, guarded borders, shot in the neck by his brother with a BB gun with a rusty BB and just missed his juglar vein, and practiced stunts, from the kids movie Home Alone with a dog tied to sled on three flights of un-carpeted steps, and that is the stuff I just know about, his teenage antics we could write a book about. Michael is my 18 year old. Michael who has played more sports  imaginable, and never suffered an injury.

Then there is my little Wilson who is 12. Wilson climbs 30 foot trees, and so dam wild. I am a single mom of four. Madison was not planned. It was Gods will, I was 41 when I had her. It was not easy. I had 2 Bachelor’s Degrees, a Masters, and one class shy of a Juris Doctorate. I busted my butt for security for Madison. The boys would be and will be fine. They are very industrious and ambitious. Maddy needed me. I wanted to give her security. I also have and design children’s clothing,and owned and operated three companies along with collaborating with a very famous designer that liked and used my eye for detail. I have lost my passion for it. Somehow losing your daughter affects your creative juices,I cant even walk by clothes departments in stores. What is next?,I have no clue........

In two minutes my life, my plans, and my future exploded before my eyes and with the exception of my boys I have no clue what is next for us.

Maddy was so little, but her influence and spirit were so great. Her life was short but the memory of her is forever. Madison you were, are, and always will be one of the most loved children that ever lived.

You still live in our hearts and always will, now you live with God in heaven and I know you are still always with us, I feel you walk beside me everyday since your body left  this earth.